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CU Allergy Week 2023
-Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis-

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Scientific Webinar

Date:       27 May 2023 (Saturday)

Time:       09:00 - 18:05 (Hong Kong Time)

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Lectures Recap

Session 1 on "Advances in Asthma"

Childhood asthma in the Asia-Pacific 
Prof Gary WONG

Pathogenesis of childhood asthma:
Insights from Asian birth cohorts
Prof Soo-Jong HONG

Q&A for Session 1

Session 2 on "Food Allergy Treatment and Prevention"

The effect of food immunotherapy
on health-related quality of life
Prof Mimi TANG

Prevention of food allergy
Prof Yukihiro OHYA

Q&A for Session 2

Session 3 on "Hot Topics in Allergic Diseases"

Anaphylaxis - lessons learnt
when East meets West
Prof Elizabeth THAM

Immunotherapy for airway allergies
Prof Ting-fan LEUNG

Update on allergy to COVID vaccines
Dr Agnes LEUNG

Session 4 on "Novel Diagnostics for Food Allergy"

Overview of food allergy diagnosis
Dr Christine WAI

Component-resolved diagnosis for food allergy
Prof Philippe EIGENMANN

Q&A for Session 4

Sponsored lecture

Biologics for managing eczema:
Further updates for younger children
Prof Mark KOH

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