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Seafood Allergy Diagnosis

Seafood Allergy Diagnosis Research

The Department of Paediatrics is conducting a research study on diagnostic methods for shellfish allergy. We will use new molecular and cellular allergy tests to detect specific IgE antibodies against allergens derived from shellfish (crustaceans and mollusks) commonly consumed in Hong Kong. Shellfish includes: shrimp (seawater and freshwater shrimp), crab, scallop , mussels, clams, lobster, oysters and abalone.


We are now recruiting subjects who meet the following criteria to participate in our research:

- history of allergic reactions to shellfish

- children or adults aged 0-50 years

- presented immediate allergic reactions within 2 hours (such as urticaria, non-tubular swelling, wheezing, anaphylactic shock) upon shellfish ingestion


For eligible participants, we will arrange:

- an appointment to the Prince of Wales Hospital for a physical examination to determine the condition of allergies to shellfish

- collection of 8-10ml of whole blood for allergy blood test

- skin prick test

After completing the tests, we will provide written report of shellfish allergy test results.


If you meet the above requirements and are interested in participating in this research, please fill out the questionnaire at the following link:


If you have any questions regarding this research study, please call /WhatsApp at 5614-9123, or email us at


Thank you for your participation! Please also help to disseminate this message to people you know.

*Directly translated from the Chinese version


You may find out more about Dr. Christine Yee Yan Wai's research at the 2018 "Share Your AXA Research" event through the videos below:

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2. Can a DNA Vaccine Beat a Shellfish Allergy? | AXA Research Fund

3. A Year in Review | Building the Future | AXA Research Fund

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