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Yahoo News | 鼻敏感環境因素影響大 「皮刺」找出根源 免疫治療或可斷尾︱敏感月


Only Chinese version available. 


Hong Kong Today: CUHK research could help people with dust allergies


Researchers at the Chinese University say they have discovered the DNA evolution of mites, which they hope will help better control them and the allergies they cause. 


Medicine Online: Cow's Milk Allergy


Only Chinese version available. 

milk allergy 2.png

CUHK Food Allergy Webinar - Part 1 Food Allergy


Speaker: Dr. Leung Sze Yin Agnes

Part 1.png

CUHK Food Allergy Webinar - Part 3 Fussy Eating


Speaker: Ms. Au Wing Shan Ann

Part 1.png

CUHK in Touch | Fighting allergies: CUHK unravels the genome profile of the American cockroach


A team led by Professor Stephen Tsui Kwok-wing from CUHK Medicine’s School of Biomedical Sciences has produced the world’s most comprehensive genome profile of the allergy-causing American cockroach, Periplaneta americana, identifying seven new allergens on top of the existing 13.


CUHK in Touch | New Blood Test Improves Diagnostic Accuracy for Shrimp Allergy


A research team from The Chinese University of Hong Kong’s (CUHK) Faculty of Medicine (CU Medicine) has proven that the basophil activation test (BAT) on individual blood samples has a much higher diagnostic accuracy for shrimp allergy than conventional allergy tests.


HKIA - e-Newsletter (Spring 2021)


A recent article from the United States...highlighted the perils of dining out for food-allergic individuals and advocates the formation of mitigation strategies that can ultimately reduce the occurrence of food-allergic reactions while dining out.... We would like to highlight some of the most common hidden allergens in dishes found in our local community. This would serve as an important educational material for food-allergic individuals and families, allergists and health care professionals as well as restaurant industry. 

HKIA e-newsletter.PNG

CUHK Food Allergy Webinar - Part 2 Eczema


Speaker: Dr. Cheng James Wesley Ching-hei

Part 1.png

CU Medicine Studies Suggest Grass Carp as a Major Source of Fish Allergy in Hong Kong And Identify Novel Allergenic Marker Cten i 1 to Promote Accurate Diagnosis


The Faculty of Medicine at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CU Medicine) has conducted two researches to thoroughly study the characteristics of Chinese fish-allergic patients in Hong Kong. Results showed that grass carp is more of a leading cause of fish allergy than other species for children in Hong Kong. The research team has also discovered a new allergenic marker from grass carp parvalbumin registered as Cten i 1 in the World Health Organisation and the International Union of Immunological Societies allergen database for diagnosis....

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