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​Fish Oral Immunotherapy (FOIT)

Is your child allergic to fish? Is your child aged between 3 - 10 years?

We would like to invite you/ your child to participate in a clinical trial on fish oral immunotherapy for fish-allergic children.

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Fish allergy often presents early in life and persists life-long, of which one in ten of them will develop life-threatening allergic reactions. Allergic reactions that may occur with accidental exposure to fish is common and the quality of life of fish-allergic patients and families are impacted by this life-long, debilitating condition which has no effective treatment at the moment.

Recently, researchers have reported success in desensitizing food-allergic patients with oral immunotherapy (OIT), using peanut allergy as the prototype. In a proportion of individuals receiving OIT, sustained unresponsiveness, i.e., long-term tolerance, can be achieved at the end of the study treatment and up until 4 years after treatment.

Fish oral immunotherapy (Fish OIT) is a treatment where a person who is allergic to fish is asked to eat fish, starting at very low doses then increasing to a higher maintenance dose and continuing on the maintenance dose for a certain period of time.

The participants may:
✓  have their fish allergy treated
✓  have a reduced risk of life-threatening reactions to fish
✓  help test a possible new treatment for fish allergy
✓  benefit other children with fish allergy
✓  improve the quality of life for people with fish allergy

If your child is meeting the inclusion criteria and is interested in joining this research project, please fill in the recruitment form via the following link:

If you have any question, please feel free to call/ Whatsapp us at 5547-8830, or email to

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